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Here’s the tool you need to quickly discover how your chapter and chapter members are measuring up against the Power of One.

The Power of One is:

  • One must be present to win
  • One referral per week on average
  • One visitor per month on average
  • One 121 per week on average
  • One CEU per week on average

The PALMS Analysis Tool is an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s are the steps you take after downloading the Tool:

  • Log in to your BNI Connect account and export the BNI PALMS Summary Report (it can be for any period of time, which you specify)
  • Transfer the information to the PALMS Analysis Tool
  • Fix up the format of the Tool to create a easy-to-read report for your Leadership Team and chapter members

Her’s what to do.

Step 1: Download the spreadsheet by clicking here: PALMS Analysis Tool V2.5

Step 2: View this 5-minute video shows how to get data from BNI Connect to create your own chapter’s PALMS Analysis Report:


Step 3: This video explains the information in the PALMS Analysis Report: