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The best way to learn about BNI?

What to expect?


Be Prepared

Visit a chapter prepared to talk about your business.

Members are interested in getting to know how connections with visitors can be mutually beneficial.

Also, don’t forget to bring your business cards.


Be Punctual

Meetings are high energy and run according to a structured agenda.

Arrive on time always so you don’t miss out on any opportunities for networking.


Be Exclusive

Only one person from each professional specialty is allowed to join a chapter of BNI, eliminating the possibility of competition among our members.

When you join a chapter, you are the sole representative of your field and can develop relationships with others in the chapter as their go-to person for your services.


Be the Boss

The businesses our members represent are their full-time occupations. 

This ensures they are able to position themselves as resources and experts in their field.


  • Visitors may attend two meetings maximum. (Visit one chapter twice, or two different chapters once)
  • After two visits, you'll be asked to make a decision.
  • There is NO OBLIGATION to join, plus you get to meet 30 - 50 business owners who might be able to refer business to you!
  • Visitors may NOT promote their business in a chapter where their business category is represented.

How do I schedule a visit?

Option 1) Browse Through Our Chapter List

Look through the list of all our BNI chapters in Southern Alberta. Click on a chapter name to see more details as well as the option to "Visit Chapter".
Chapter List

Option 2) Search for a Suitable Chapter

Search for a chapter by city or postal code using the map below. Click on a chapter name and then on "Chapter Details", on the right, to see additional information as well as the option to "Visit Chapter".

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