BNI Vibe

Feel the energy at a BNI Vibe meeting! We are a collection of business owners and professionals who gather weekly to exchange business referrals, learn about each other’s businesses, and share expertise via presentations. And we are a high-energy group that celebrates our success, because Givers Gain®!

“Our business volume increased substantially in the first year of my membership. I got real, valuable leads from the members, leads that turned into sales. And when my business needed accounting, photography, and printing services, I naturally gave that business to members of BNI Vibe. Joining this networking organization was the best investment I could have made in my business.”

Blair Shunk

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Why BNI Vibe?

There are many business networking groups in Calgary, including other BNI Chapters. So why choose BNI Vibe?

Because our members lift each other up and help each other succeed!

  • Business Referrals: In the last year, we’ve closed over $1.5 MILLION in business as a result of referrals, making us one of BNI Alberta South’s most successful chapters.
  • Professional Development: We share our expertise freely with our fellow members, sharing our knowledge and helping each other out.
  • Personal Connection: Unlike some professional networking groups, where the names and faces are different at every meeting, we get to know each other, not just in a professional setting, but personally as well. Our social gatherings turn professional contacts into personal friends!
  • Business Growth: As a result of membership in our chapter, our members grow their business, on average, by 20% in the first year. Our referrals are valuable, not random leads disinterested in buying!
  • Exclusive Market Share: Our members are never in competition with each other! That means if a member is a florist, house painter, or plumber, they’ll be the only member offering those services within the chapter.
  • Measurable Results: BNI Vibe improves your business by keeping score. This means that our results are measure every week, ensuring that we deliver referrals, meet with our fellow members, learn about BNI, and invite friends and colleagues to visit our meetings.

Get to know BNI Vibe

We welcome guests at our meetings! Get to know our chapter and our energetic members by joining us. Feel the energy, learn from our members, see our referral machine in action – and listen as we call out thanks for closed business! See for yourself why BNI Vibe is the best business networking group in Calgary!


Connect with us online!

Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to see what’s happening in our chapter and feel the energy of BNI Vibe.

Social-Distancing Information

At this time, our weekly business meetings are held virtually. In-person events are socially-distanced, in line with provincial and municipal guidelines.