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All events shown within our Members Event Listings feed are Member submitted events and are not BNI / BNI Alberta South sanctioned or sponsored.

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DISCLAIMER: 1581630 ALBERTA LTD. D/B/A BNI ALBERTA SOUTH and each of their officials, members, agents, directors, shareholders, officers, franchisors, franchisees, representatives, affiliates and assignees (collectively, “BNI”) is not affiliated, associated, authorized, or in any way officially connected with any Member sponsored EVENT submitted through or displayed on its website and is in no way whatsoever responsible for the health, safety, conduct, or behaviour of the participants, whether or not they happen to be BNI members, agents, directors, affiliates or representatives. Nothing relating to a Member sponsored  EVENT submitted or shown  through our website is sanctioned, promoted or endorsed by BNI, and notwithstanding anything contained within associated Waivers, there is no relationship whatsoever between BNI and such Events.


BNI is not the creator, organizer or owner of the events listed within the member sponsored events page. Rather, BNI provides the calendar, which allow Organizers to promote their events. The Organizer is solely responsible for ensuring that any information details regarding an event in the calendar (and the event itself) are accurate and meet all applicable local, provincial, national and other laws, rules and regulations, and that the goods and services described on the event page(s) are delivered as described and in an accurate satisfactory manner. The Organizer of a paid event is solely responsible for the payment processing method for its event if applicable. Consumers must use whatever payment processing method the Organizer selects.