Chapter Success Summit

What is the BNI Chapter Success Summit?

Just before our term changeover, as BNI members, we take the time to sharpen our axe, to ensure that we are working smarter not harder to get the most out of our BNI investment. The BNI Chapter Success Summit is a training event provided exclusively to the new Leadership Team and Support Leadership Team members. It is designed to equip you, as a leader, with all the necessary skills to take on your new chapter role after the next leadership changeover. Changeovers occur April 1st yearly.

How Does the Summit Work?

Why train at the Success Summit?

  • More Results. Our experience shows a direct correlation between the number of LT and Support LT members who train together and the results they experience during the next term.
  • Less Effort. By completing the training you avoid the headache of learning from mistakes. Let us train you on how to best fulfill your new leadership role.
  • Higher Return. Your chapter is your marketing team. When each member of the team fulfills his or her role well, the team as a whole works well. A chapter that works efficiently results in a higher return on your BNI investment.
  • Staying current. There are always new insights and refined systems shared at each Summit. Whether you’re a seasoned BNI Member or new to your role there will be more to learn and share.

How do I register for the upcoming Success Summit?

Our Summit is held online via a large Zoom meeting with Breakout rooms for each Role and Chapter. Registration will open each year in late January/early February.

Please watch for updates and a registration link through your Chapter LET, slides, from your Chapter Support team, our weekly Member Digest emails, and posted on our Members Only Social Media groups.

Summit Dates:

Next Online Chapter Success Summit

When: March 18, 2024 | 9 am to 1 pm

Where: Online – All Summit Events will be linked and made available here – summit.bnisalberta.ca

Registration: 2024